Our Capabilities

Alexandros Siasos Research and Development Studio offers a comprehensive range of engineering services. Whatever your project requirements are we can solve it as Siasos R&D teams a great knowledge background with passionate will for innovation!

Our scientific approach results to optimized solutions that can surpass any competition because OUR SYSTEM WORKS!!!

Engineering Design and Development Services

Design and Engineering of Textile Reinforced Composites

  • Design of Composite Parts and Assemblies
  • Tooling Design
  • Finite Element Laminate Analysis — Failure Modes
  • Layup Optimization
  • Lifetime Analysis and Assessment

Mechanism and Automation Engineering

  • Mechanism Development
  • Machine Design, Modeling and Reverse Engineering
  • Gearbox Design According to AGMA Standards
  • Design According ISO, EN Standards
  • Finite Element Analysis

CAD/CAM Services

  • CAD Migration, Drawing Conversion
  • CAD Libraries Organization
  • Virtual Prototyping – Rendering
  • Creation of Technical Documentation
  • G-Code Generation
  • G-Code Optimization
  • Manufacturing Optimization
  • Machine-CAM Synchronization

Manufacturing and Prototyping

We have access to a wide range of manufacturing processes. We are capable of manual/CNC machining, welding & fabrication, mould making, tool manufacturing, composite layup and rapid prototyping.

With these facilities we are able to offer manufacture of prototypes and small batch production.